Now and then I enjoy writing.

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  • Published Editorial

    I was recently published in SWAT Magazine, featuring an Emergency Life Saver course I attended. The course is offered by XSA International and is designed for civilians and professionals alike. The lessons and tools I acquired were substantial–they inspired my article. What’s more, in late April of 2018, due to unusual circumstances, I had crashed…

  • Motorcycle Riding

    I wasn’t supposed to be a motorcycle rider. Every inch in my body is certain I would have never had the courage to learn how to ride, never found the time… few other circumstantial reasons would have prevented me from ever trying, I’m sure. Besides, judging by the road, most women don’t ride, they sit in the back.

  • Op-Ed – The Clarion, MATC

    There are over 144 career programs offered at Madison College, many of which will award you an associate’s degree at the end of two years (4-5 semesters). AS and AA degrees are great because they incorporate many college level transferable credits, which means students can always return to school and continue from where they left off. But what about two year technical diplomas?